Grilled Pizza{s}

I've come to the realization that when I make pizzas, I never use specific toppings. It's really just whatever I have lying around. I'm super excited about this post though because this will be the first time I grill a pizza. We finally completed the paver project in the backyard so that we could use our grill. It's a pretty awesome one at that, there are interchangeable inserts included with it... one being a pizza stone!

My main concern with grilling the pizza was "How will I get the pizza on there?" Usually when I've made pizzas, it was in the oven. I'd use 2 spatulas to move the pizza around in the oven which was not fun. So I took a trip to the store today and picked up a wooden pizza peel. Hopefully it will help make this experience easier.

Sausage and Mushroom Pizza
tomato sauce
mozzarella and italian cheese blend
hot italian sausage
sautéed mushrooms
basil, for garnish

Vegetable Pizza with Goat Cheese

mozzarella and italian cheese blend
red onion
sautéed mushrooms
sun-dried tomatoes {homemade}
red peppers
goat cheese
basil, for garnish

Because I cooked these on the grill, the temperature varied. I had it heated between 400-500 degrees, and each pizza was cooked for about 10-15 minutes. I also let them cool for 10 minutes before cutting them. 

I make my own tomato sauce for pizzas, but because I had leftover sauce from another time I just used that up. When I make more eventually, I will post the recipe.




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