Lazy Sunday...

wake up in the late afternoon! Well, not really... but I can't help but quote Andy Samberg.

I actually woke up a bit earlier to start baking the Sourdough I started on Thursday. I "borrowed" some the leftover stiff starter from our bakeshop and mixed it with bread and rye flour as well as some water to make a levain. The levain helps flavor and add structure to the sourdough {preferments make everything better!}. After it's ready, I added it to the final dough mixture and folded, pre-shaped, proofed and shaped {final}. You'd think you could bake it after this but instead, I let it sit in the refrigerator for 24 hours basically before baking. This actually is great for the bread, it helps form those awesome blisters and helps develop more flavor. I baked my boule on a stone and created steam by putting a few ice cubes on a baking sheet, then opened the oven to let the bread dry out. I'm happy with the results, although it will never be as perfect as the ones we make in the bakeshop.



  1. Ash, that boule looks amazing. I would have loved a shot of the crumb. The blisters and the shine are great. Congrats.


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