Chef of the Year Competition

So this morning a few of us went to watch Chef Adalberto produce an awesome dessert for Pastry Chef of the Year {in Utah}. His plating was so detailed and beautiful... and I know it tasted great because he made it!

He made a creme de pot with an macadamia nut crust and topped with an almond brittle. A banana ice cream with a garnish of brulee bananas. A raspberry coulis topped with red and golden raspberries mixed in pear syrup and mint.

He finished on time and lucky for us, there was leftover banana ice cream, we just loved it on Wednesday when he let us sample it. We are all so thankful that we had the opportunity to learn from him, he's such a great chef.

Chef Peter was also in the competition, I got a nice picture of his dish as well.



  1. Thanks Ashley. I'm very lucky to have you guys as my students.


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