Thanksgiving... Pies!

Being alone for Thanksgiving wasn't that bad. I got some homework done, did a little cleaning and baked some pies! Tim and Chris went to their parents house on the train at about 4:30 this morning. I got to drive them of course, it was really odd driving that early in the morning. When I got home I didn't go back to sleep until 5 and got back up at 9. I decided to call my mom since we barely ever talk anymore due to my lack of time, plus it doesn't help with the time difference. It was a great talk, we were both cooking while on the phone... so similar we are!

Onto the pies, I made some "non-traditional" Thanksgiving pies because Tim and Chris are eating Pecan and Pumpkin Streusel at their parent's house. We have Coconut Cream, Cherry and a Pear Galette! I can say right now that I'm not completely happy with the doughs that I made yesterday after getting home from work. I can redeem myself later though!

I really enjoyed making the fillings though. The Coconut Cream was just pastry cream and toasted coconut, very basic but delicious. I also made a creme Chantilly to decorate the top with. The Cherry was just a cooked fruit method. And the Pear Galette was just like the previous one I made.
On a side note... I ran out of eggs and didn't actually have an egg wash, so I cream washed the doughs instead. I figured why not, it's better than nothing!



  1. I was on the receiving end of these pies and they were Great! Especially the coconut cream pie!


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