Havana Style Meat Pie {no recipe}


So yesterday in class, Chef made this awesome filling for meat pies. As far as I know, it included ground beef, onions, peppers, green olives, wine-soaked raisins and tomato paste. There was some leftover filling so I jumped right on that and took some home. Luckily, I had a sheet of puff pastry in the freezer and decided that I would make a duplicate of what was made in class... a giant meat-filled pop tart!

I'm planning on getting the recipe as soon as I can so that I can make this again. Timmy basically ate the entire thing which didn't surprise me.



  1. Great Ashley. Feel free to post the recipe. I will appreciate a link to my web site also. Great job with the blog. I will for sure subscribe.

  2. Ashley, those look great. I decided to try and make a few this weekend as well sans recipe. Man they are good. I love rustic food!


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