Avocado-Bacon Breakfast Wrap

Oh what a long weekend, today is my relaxation day... as always! I'm started it off with this delicious breakfast wrap and I'm now currently enjoying a dark 'n stormy. It's a ginger beer and rum cocktail {suggested by my Garde Manger chef}. It's quite strong but really yummy.

I love breakfast wraps because they are so simple to put together. Plus, you can add whatever you like, as long as your tortilla can hold the ingredients.

Avocado-Bacon Breakfast Wrap
1 tortilla
1-2 eggs, scrambled
nacho and taco cheese
3 avocado slices
1-2 pieces of bacon, cooked

  • In a medium sized tortilla, add the scrambled eggs and top with the cheese {the amount is up to you}.
  • Top with the avocado slices, bacon and some cholula.
  • Wrap it up and brown each side in a pan until the cheese has melted.



  1. This looks amazing. It's 8pm and I'm sending the husband to the store for bacon and avacado so we can have it right now :)


  2. Aww, that's awesome! Hope you love it.

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