Cranberry-Citrus Relish

This recipe comes from one of my classmates and it's amazing. It's light and fresh and goes great with vanilla-honey greek yogurt... I just can't get enough. She also told me to use organic sugar because white granulated sugar gives a grainy texture.

Cranberry-Citrus Relish
Recipe courtesy of Leann Pointer

1 bag cranberries, rinsed
1 orange, ends and seeds removed
1 lemon, ends and seeds removed
2 apples, cored
10 oz crushed pineapple 
1 cup sugar {organic} 
1/2 pomegranate seeds 

  • In a food processor, blend everything separately, making sure everything is the same consistency. After each item is blended, empty the contents into a bowl. 
  • First start with the cranberries, then the orange and lemon, and lastly the apples {adding the pineapple in before finished processing the apples}. 
  • Mix all of the processed fruit in the bowl and add the sugar, stir until combined. Add the pomegranate seeds and combine. 
  • Let sit overnight so that all of the flavors meld together.



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