About Me

One of my favorite items in the kitchen!


My name is Ashley, I'm a 20-something food-loving girl that moved to Utah from Florida in 2009. While I've lived out here I've become more and more interested in cooking and decided that I should go to Culinary School. I graduated in the Spring of 2013, school has been a great journey which has broadened my culinary skills.

I love to spend time with friends and family. Cooking for friends is a pleasure when I can. I've had a lot of support from them, especially from Timmy's family. They are such great people.

Tim's family and I at a wedding in 2010

Some activities I enjoy are hiking and gardening. I love growing vegetables and herbs. I also love to play video games. That's actually how I met my boyfriend fiance husband, Timmy. I'm glad I did, he's such a wonderful guy.

Timmy and I hiking our way up to Lake Blanche in 
Big Cottonwood Canyon

Favorite things:

India Palace
Timmy's homemade coffee drinks
Drunken Goat {goat cheese}
Citrus {from Florida}
Food Trucks
Eggs Benedict
Beer Bar
Gin Cocktails
Napa Valley 
Greek Yogurt
English Tea Rooms {scones, tea sandwiches and tea!}

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I hope you enjoy my blogging adventures!